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『Rock arts all over the world depict Stone men』

『The murals of Egypt show Stone men taught humans』

『Ancient people can't make the work of Megalithic civilization shown in this page』

Animation of Abu Simbel and movie music of Ten Commandments

The ruins on Google map

Vicious energy body and religions 

The most important problem about channeling 

On parade series of mysterious rocks and buildings

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Chapter 3101
On parade series of mysterious rocks and buildings
Chapter 3102
The amazing walls on parade with the rock work of 12 angle
Chapter 3103
A large bronze 15cm safety pin from huge tomb of Pantarika in Sicilia
Chapter 3104
Stone and Stone humans(Egypt) Unfinished Obelisk
Chapter 3105
The mystery of potholes
Chapter 3106
Chapter 3107
Chapter 3108
The moving stones 
Chapter 3109
The strange rectangle box-type thing under the chin of the statue of Ramesses
Chapter 3110
The answer to the mystery of Easter Island
Chapter 3111
Figs and Stone gods
Chapter 3112
The answer to the mystery of Easter Island
Chapter 3113
Stone statues of angels on parade
Chapter 3114
Pinnacles and Carnac ruins have the relation with each other.
Chapter 3115
Chapter 3116
The sphere rocks cut in half 
Chapter 3117
Megalithic civilization
Chapter 3118
The beings with big feathers (adult angels)
Chapter 3119
Who made pyramids and how they were made are explained in the following site
Chapter 3120
The golden ratio and the circle | The earth was rectangle box-type at first
Chapter 3121
You fellows story 
Chapter 3122
What the stone statues of Abu Simbel told through the channeling to Ms Taeko Shiraki
Chapter 3123
Jewish and Palestinian have the common ancestors
Chapter 3124
The true reason why human beings were born on the earth
Chapter 3125
Countless Stone humans depicted in the rock art
Chapter 3126
Chapter 3127
Colossi of Memnon
Chapter 3128
Chapter 3129
Chapter 3130
Stone gods in New Zealand 
Chapter 3131
More stories of New Zealand 
Chapter 3132
Stone god of Mt.Kailash? (Correction on April 6, 2005)
Chapter 3133
The more detailed Jesus tale from the SKY (SORA) NO1
Chapter 3134
'The dropped part' from the body of Stone god
Chapter 3135
Arches National Park of Utah, Balance Rock, The rock for offerings2, Petroglyph of Giants 
Chapter 3136
The comet which collided with the earth
Chapter 3137
Iron, magnetic force, gravity?,Atlantis 
Chapter 3138
Chapter 3139
The container for the juice of Stone humans
Chapter 3140
The hybrid type of animal and human in Egypt 
Chapter 3141
The hidden purpose of prophecy
Chapter 3142
The meaning of Laocoon and His Sons, The lie of Greek myths
Chapter 3143
Are these Angels? 
Chapter 3144
Who made stone spheres of Costa Rica?
Chapter 3145
How were the ancient stone walls made? 
Chapter 3146
Atacama Giant
Chapter 3147
Why are Crop Circles made mainly in Europe?
Chapter 3148
There are two types of channeling 
Chapter 3149
The castle of Erice
Chapter 3150
Sakafune Stone in Nara Prefecture, Japan
Chapter 3151
The pots for the juice which giants put on their heads
Chapter 3152
The age of the earth is much younger than many people think
Chapter 3153
The rock of the sun in Yamazoe-village, Nara Prefecture (The rock of long life longevity)
Chapter 3154
The big rock named Ishibutai (The stone stage) in Nakatu-city, Ooita Prefecture 
Chapter 3155
The mushroom rocks in Jyoudomatu Park in Fukusima Prefecture, Japan
Chapter 3156
TV shaped rock
Chapter 3157
Amafurasi rock in Amafurasi shore in Toyama bay
Chapter 3158
Stone humans in Milan
Chapter 3159
Super giant stone chamber in Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan
Chapter 3160
Humans and the stone circle
Chapter 3161
Stone god of Mt.Kailash?, (Correction on April 6, 2005)  
Chapter 3162
Why were Stonehenges made?
Chapter 3163
The stone circles on parade NO1
Chapter 3164
The stone circles on parade NO2
Chapter 3165
Stonehenges are the mysterious objects which are seen in UK 
Chapter 3166
Giant from Agrigento in Sicily of Italy
Chapter 3167
Murals of NON-HUMANS
Chapter 3168
Nara and Kyoto of Japan
Chapter 3169
Japanese sacred rocks on parade
Chapter 3170
Arches National Park of Utah on parade
Chapter 3171
From Princess of Sagittarius 【The supplement in July 29,2007】 
Chapter 3172
The stone stage on parade
Chapter 3173
Mysterious rocks in US on parade
Chapter 3174
The story of the earth
Chapter 3175
How 'THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA'information was started
Chapter 3176
Signal or sign from the atoms from the sky or spirits
Chapter 3177
How is this information conveyed by the atoms from the universe or sky?
Chapter 3178
Pyramids were made by the two of Colossi of Memnon
Chapter 3179
Megalithic civilization on parade
Chapter 3180
Stonehenges on parade
Chapter 3181
A girl who talks with atoms.
Chapter 3182
The dialogue with Atom-boy No 2 
Chapter 3183
Giants did exist!!
Chapter 3184
Stone gods and Stone human 
Chapter 3185
The rock of arch |NABS(The rock which expresses the muscle) 
Chapter 3186
Youtube of giants
Chapter 3187
Mysterious Megaliths chosen by Ms Taeko Shiraki
Chapter 3188
Pozzo di San Patrizio in Italy
Chapter 3189
Ms Taeko Shiraki's activities 
Chapter 3190
Duomo in Milan
Chapter 3191
Piazza San Marco | Piazza San Marco(Venice) for smartphone
Chapter 3192
About the information from Cameron Day
Chapter 3193
The juice(the soup) | Plain of Jars in Laos 
Chapter 3194
Super-ancient relics | Locmariaquer
Chapter 3195
Aqueduct of Turkey 
Chapter 3196
The rocks which express the parts of human body  Correction on Aug. 14, 2006(要付加情報)
Chapter 3197
The container of the soup 
Chapter 3198
The rock which expresses the muscle
Chapter 3199
The foot-shaped megalith in Hokkaido, Japan (Ohokama-Hanzou)
Chapter 3200
The rock of Seychelles Islands which look like the toes

The newest article of "ABC of this site"

The third contents(3201〜3300)

Animation of Abu Simbel and movie music of Ten Commandments

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