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The newest article of "ABC of this site"

『Rock arts all over the world depict Stone men』

『The murals of Egypt show Stone men taught humans』

『Ancient people can't make the work of Megalithic civilization shown in this page』

Animation of Abu Simbel and movie music of Ten Commandments

The ruins on Google map

Vicious energy body and religions 

The most important problem about channeling 

On parade series of mysterious rocks and buildings

Chapter 3001
ABC of information from the SKY(SORA), the universe
Chapter 3002
I saw a vision of Atom-boy!!
Chapter 3003
The youtube about Quantum physics
Chapter 3004
Atoms have consciousness
Chapter 3005
My experience( hypnotherapy) The way to hypnotherapy
Chapter 3006
Signal or sign from atoms
Chapter 3007
Why atoms get angry.
Chapter 3008
We live while giving thanks to atoms 
Chapter 3009
A part of the bodies of Stone gods dripped down by dint of the power of gravity when they drew near the earth
Chapter 3010
Stone gods made Stone humans and giants in order to operate on the earth which had strong gravity. 
Chapter 3011
The first rock that talked to Ms Taeko Shiraki(the channeller for atoms) 
Chapter 3012
Could humans make Megalithic ruins? 
Chapter 3013
Moray Agricultural Terraces of the Incas
Chapter 3014
Why the direction of the wind and ocean current are opposite between Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere.
Chapter 3015
Humans were made in the stone circle.
Chapter 3016
Mar lock | The rock of H2O | Mar lock | The rock of CO | The rock of Sirius
Chapter 3017
Aqueduct in Rome and many other countries
Chapter 3018
Waffle Rock which expresses planet X and planet Z
Chapter 3019
The cord that bound the strut?
Chapter 3020
The story of Stone humans
Chapter 3021
The rock along the way of Siq in Petra
Chapter 3022
The first human NO1 
Chapter 3023
Meteora in Greece
Chapter 3024
The first human NO2 【Postscript】
Chapter 3025
Chapter 3026
Pieta of St. Peter
Chapter 3027
Dwarf planet Ceres 
Chapter 3028
From the spirit of Muhammad 
Chapter 3029
The bell-shaped bronze vessels of the Yayoi period in Japan(Nagano Prefecture Museum)  
Chapter 3030
The Email about the memoir in the world of subconsciousness
Chapter 3031
Stone pavement of Rome
Chapter 3032
Chapter 3033
Chapter 3034
Vatican Square
Chapter 3035
Vatican【Postscript Dec.25,2012】 
Chapter 3036
Stone humans who blended into the wall
Chapter 3037
The vision of chick. A chicken was born earlier than an egg.
Chapter 3038
The meaning of Greek letter
Chapter 3039
"Obare Stone"on Mt. Gozaisyodake, Japan 
Chapter 3040
The pyramids of Khufu
Chapter 3041
The pyramids of Khufu NO2
Chapter 3042
Parthenon | 【The cloud which shows the pillars of Parthenon】 
Chapter 3043
Delicate Arch No1
Chapter 3044
The mountain near Mt. Sumon-Dake(At Tochio in Niigata Prefecture)---Lingering snow of the mountain which represents stone circle
Chapter 3045
Vatican【Postscript Dec.25,2012】 NO2
Chapter 3046
Meteora in Greece
Chapter 3047
The Charitable Society for Caring & rehabilitation Iraqi Children 3
Chapter 3048
The meaning of atoms and molecules (Why were water, iron, silicon (Si) , and so on produced?) 
Chapter 3049
The response to those who are concerned about the pesticide of some degree and radioactivity
Chapter 3050
The Megalith, Tumulus of Isibutai(Stonestage) in Nara Prefecture, is famous in Japan.
Chapter 3051
A boy riding a horse=Jesus in Archaeological Museum of Athens 
Chapter 3052
The equality in the universe
Chapter 3053
Balance Rocks in the world on parade 
Chapter 3054
The reinforcement of the arch | Before making the arch | Rainbow Bridge
Chapter 3055
In the body of Stone gods | Energy body | Earthquake
Chapter 3056
Strange rocks in the world
Chapter 3057
The record of visiting megaliths in Asuka village in Nara Prefecture, Japan
Chapter 3058
The Turkish story of THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA
Chapter 3059
The mystery about the human history
Chapter 3060
Huge tomb of Pantarika in Sicilia
Chapter 3061
Stone gods
Chapter 3062
The project in the universe
Chapter 3063
The mystery about the ruins of the world
Chapter 3064
Chapter 3065
Cappadocia No2
Chapter 3066
'The dropped part' from Stone god
Chapter 3067
The deep hole of Cappadocia
Chapter 3068
The new underground city was found in Cappadocia
Chapter 3069
The Arabian Peninsula=The boot which shows the mankind's way forward 
Chapter 3070
Karnak temple complex, Egypt 
Chapter 3071
Karnak temple complex, Egypt NO2
Chapter 3072
Karnak temple complex, Egypt NO3
Chapter 3073
Karnak temple complex, Egypt NO4
Chapter 3074
Karnak temple complex, Egypt No5
Chapter 3075
The story of Atlantis and Lemuria
Chapter 3076
The king of Sagittarius |From Stone gods of Delicate Arch|NABS
Chapter 3077
Prof. Hironari Yamada in Ritumeikan University claims atoms have consciousness
Chapter 3078
Jacinta de Jesus Marto of fatimah, adverse effect of religions, Warning from the earth, Lemurian continent, Kilauea
Chapter 3079
The meaning of the stone pillars of Stonehenge
Chapter 3080
Stone humans
Chapter 3081
The fountain in Rome 
Chapter 3082
Unfinished Obelisk 
Chapter 3083
Paris | Stone humans of opera house
Chapter 3084
Why are sinkholes made one after another?
Chapter 3085
Atoms have consciousness.
Chapter 3086
Dear reader of this site
Chapter 3087
Minoa=Cattle human(The tube for the juice)=Seat cattleman | Nut in Egypt=Northern and Southern Hemispher(inner universe, Underground cavity , and so on)
Chapter 3088
Pre-Hispanic Town of Uxmal=Usiro (back in Japanese) Maru (circle in Japanese) 1〜6 | Central University City Campus of the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM) 
Chapter 3089
The ruins of standing stones in Kara Danish ruins in Isle of Lewis
Chapter 3090
The king of Atlantis 
Chapter 3091
The electrons turn around the nucleus as atoms have consciousness 
Chapter 3092
Spirit and subconsciousness
Chapter 3093
Soul, spirit and subconsciousness
Chapter 3094
The posting to the Forum by Ms Taeko Shiraki
Chapter 3095
The stone chamber of Locmariaquer
Chapter 3096
The cause of earthquake 
Chapter 3097
Why the holes of pyramids were made toward Orion and Polaris? 
Chapter 3098
Stone humans|Bat
Chapter 3099
Equality is the most important in Sagittarius is shown by stone money in Yap Island on parade
Chapter 3100
Spiders rock represent Twin Tower in New York 

The newest article of "ABC of this site"

The socond contents(3101〜3200)

The newest article of "ABC of this site"

The third contents(3201〜3300)

Animation of Abu Simbel and movie music of Ten Commandments

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