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『Rock arts all over the world depict Stone men』

『The murals of Egypt show Stone men taught humans』

『Ancient people can't make the work of Megalithic civilization shown in this page』

Animation of Abu Simbel and movie music of Ten Commandments

The ruins on Google map

Vicious energy body and religions 

The most important problem about channeling 

On parade series of mysterious rocks and buildings

No 1〜100(English)

No 101〜200(English)

No 201〜300(English)

No 301〜400(English)

No 401〜500(English)

No 501〜600(English)

No 601〜700(English)

No 701〜800(English )

No 801〜900(English )

No 901〜1000( English/日本語)

Chapter 901
Egyptian corner in Vatican, Lion type human.
Chapter 902
Life-like parent-child (Egyptian corner in Vatican)  
Chapter 903
Where do we go when we were dead?  
Chapter 904
I'm Stone god who made Fugoppe cave in Japan
Chapter 905
Outer galaxy was found to be snake charmer seat
Chapter 906
The shape of the first earth
Chapter 907
Moray Agricultural Terraces of the Incas
Chapter 908
The earthquake of Harima-Nada, the meaning of the word of cancer(癌)
Chapter 909
Dwarf planet Ceres 
Chapter 910
Chapter 911
Prof. Kousei Yamada in Ritumeikan University claims atoms have consciousness
Chapter 912
The mail to the politicians all over the world by the representative of NPO, Ms Taeko Shiraki
Chapter 913
The gigantic dolmen named "Oei Stone" in Nozaki island of Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan
Chapter 914
The second king in US, The image of the mysterious megalith
Chapter 915
The Email of the memoir in the world of subconsciousness
Chapter 916
Grand Canyon
Chapter 917
Stone god is stretching his feet
Chapter 918
Rainbow Bridge
Chapter 919
Chapter 920
The earth which wants to be flat
Chapter 921
Nabekurakei in Nara Prefecture, The rock of the sun in Yamazoe-village, Nara Prefecture, Japan (=Chojyu rock) , The stone stage(Ishibutai) in Nara Prefecture of Japan, Sakafune-Stone in Nara Prefecture, Japan
Chapter 922
Tumulus of Isibutai(dolmens)in Nara Prefecture, Japan
Chapter 923
Prophecy, Francis Xavier, drug, Shosoin, Jerusalem syndrome,
Chapter 924
The ship of the sun in Egypt  
Chapter 925
Grand Canyon(=The king of Sagittarius )
Chapter 926
Antelope Canyon
Chapter 927
Stone tools
Chapter 928
Egyptian ships|Jordan|From the earth|Adam and Eve|forest|Okinawa  
Chapter 929
The reply to Cryptic Mole, jayke911 and Lucy Barnable in CONSPIRACY OUTPOST
Chapter 930
To Cryptic Mole from Ms Taeko Shiraki
Chapter 931
Nice comments were posted at CONSPIRACY OUTPOST  
Chapter 932
How can NPO help Kam, a Cherokee woman in Oklahoma?
Chapter 933
By a reader named Kam No61---No86
Chapter 934
Kam is safe according to Lucy Barnable 
Chapter 935
To khoisansun from Ms Taeko Shiraki
Chapter 936
To religious people 
Chapter 937
Smithsonian Admits to Destruction of Thousands of Giant Human Skeletons in Early 1900′s
Chapter 938
Interesting things take place at the house for fellows of THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA.
Chapter 939
Roman Forum, the Colosseum 
Chapter 940
Reply by Ms Taeko Shiraki to the posting of the person in Ukraine
Chapter 941
Reply by Ms Taeko Shiraki to the posting of the person in US
Chapter 942
Pictured rock in Michigan and Arch Rock on Makinac Island in Lake Michigan
Chapter 943
Chapter 944
The reply to the person from Pakistan by Ms Taeko Shiraki
Chapter 945
"A float"which looks like a missile
Chapter 946
The twin islands
Chapter 947
The vision which shows how the characters were made 
Chapter 948
Cellular memory is well-documented and evidenced by human organ transplant cases.
Chapter 949
The Pacific Ocean, the small intestine and the navel
Chapter 950
The bird seat, The gathering of atoms which are to become a human and Steller's sea eagle seat(Vulture)
Chapter 951
The posting by US person,One day earth may rebel and pay us back for all the damage we have done.
Chapter 952
Was Ancient Jerusalem Podium a Lost-and-Found?
Chapter 953
Chapter 954
The footprints at the side of Eruhazune
Chapter 955
The inside of Eruhazune(Jordan)
Chapter 956
The basement in front of Eruhazune
Chapter 957
The way out called "Siq"
Chapter 958
The way in for Siq
Chapter 959
The tubes of the soup for Stone human
Chapter 960
Making for Petra
Chapter 961
The footprints made by the Stone humans with wings
Chapter 962
The small alter ego of Stone god
Chapter 963
Chapter 964
The tributary of the Jordan(?)
Chapter 965
The circular stone of Mount Nebo in Jordan
Chapter 966
The figure like a human(Eruhazune)
Chapter 967
Chapter 968
The earthenwares in the relics of Mount Nebo
Chapter 969
The mosaic in the relics of Mount Nebo
Chapter 970
The mosaic inside of (Church of St. George)
Chapter 971
Various Stone humans
Chapter 972
Spotted jelly
Chapter 973
A big stone bar
Chapter 974
Yoshinogari Ruins in Japan
Chapter 975
The arch of Oki in Japan
Chapter 976
Rosetta Stone(in British Museum)
Chapter 977
"The mushroom rock" near "the warship rock"
Chapter 978
Chapter 979
The tube for the soup and for the discharge shown on the legs of the alter ego and the giant Stone human
Chapter 980
The generation of Minanomono(big groups of atoms)
Chapter 981
Kouzuketukamawari kofungun in Ohota-city of Gunma Prefecture, Japan
Chapter 982
Kouzuketukamawari kofungun in Ohota-city of Gunma Prefecture, Japan No2
Chapter 983
The Rock god which is said to have flown down to Maebasi-city
Chapter 984
Frog-type Stone humans 
Chapter 985
Taishakukyou in Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan
Chapter 986
I was shown the things which I had never seen at Mt. Osutaka to which JAL123,jumbo jet had crashed thirty years ago. 
Chapter 987
Stone gods of supine posture
Chapter 988
60,000 Antelopes Died in 4 Days
Chapter 989
Underground 'superhenge' discovered in Wiltshire
Chapter 990
Scoop! Special electrolyzed water which erases radioactivity was found in Japan!? Researchers were taken a direct hit!
Chapter 991
Scientists at the University of Buckingham Center for Astrobiology (BCAB) say they have captured the first-ever image of an alien or extraterrestrial organism
Chapter 992
The posting to Godlike Production  
Chapter 993
US person, Denizen posted to Godlike Production
Chapter 994
Stone gods in China and Venice
Chapter 995
The component of the stone|atoms 
Chapter 996
Clay humans
Chapter 997
Massive fatalities of antelopes  
Chapter 998
The posting of Cryptic Mole to CONSPIRACY OUTPOST
Chapter 999
The posting by US person to Godlike Production
Chapter 1000
To Andy B and Rune

To 1001-1100

Animation of Abu Simbel and movie music of Ten Commandments

Mail of Takashi→

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