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『Rock arts all over the world depict Stone men』

『The murals of Egypt show Stone men taught humans』

『Ancient people can't make the work of Megalithic civilization shown in this page』

Animation of Abu Simbel and movie music of Ten Commandments

The ruins on Google map

Vicious energy body and religions 

The most important problem about channeling 

On parade series of mysterious rocks and buildings

No 1〜100(English)

No 101〜200(English)

No 201〜300(English)

No 301〜400(English)

No 401〜500(English)

No 501〜600(English)

No 601〜700(English)

No 701〜800(English )

No 801〜900(English )

No 901〜1000(English / 日本語)

Chapter 801
Cambodia National Museum | Cambodia Ta Keo | Cambodia  Beng Mealea
Chapter 802
My experience( hypnotherapy)  The way to hypnotherapy    
Chapter 803
###A part of my experience (Grand Shrine of Ise and the Imperial Household)】###【 Postscript on Oct. 3, 2013】
Chapter 804
My experience | The sufferer with only auditory hallucinations
Chapter 805
The ruins which Ms Taeko Shiraki visited are shown on Google map
Chapter 806
My experience about the fixation of earth's axis?
Chapter 807
The cruising in the Bosporus
Chapter 808
hypnotherapy No3
Chapter 809
My experience |  The girl who was haunted by subconsciousness(=spirit)
Chapter 810
The memo of my experience | The star Rada
Chapter 811
The memo of my experience(supernatural power and others) 
Chapter 812
One-eyed Devil
Chapter 813
Did you know the hand of Statue of David so realistic?
Chapter 814
Vision of Eye of Horus
Chapter 815
Stone circles and Stonehenges are not the things which were made by god or humans 
Chapter 816
The ruins of Pella (Jordan)
Chapter 817
St. Michael's Golden-Domed Monastery
Chapter 818
Mount Damavand in Iran
Chapter 819
Sistan Kose Bridge | Haju Bridge(Iran)
Chapter 820
The giant of 8 m height (Musei Capitolini Centrale alla Montemartini)
Chapter 821
Miles-Long Band of Mysterious, Unexplained Holes in Peru
Chapter 822
The most fantastic place in the world
Chapter 823
Dance of Konya in Turkey | Spinning dance of Egypt
Chapter 824
Imam Mosque(Iran)
Chapter 825
Stone pillars on parade
Chapter 826
Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque (Iran)
Chapter 827
Umm Qais(Jordan)
Chapter 828
Naqsh-e Jahan Square
Chapter 829
【 Postscript on Feb. 10, 2015】 The building with natural stones and stone masonry(Qasr Karak) | Qasr Karak(Amman) 
Chapter 830
Great Zimbabwe ruins in Africa on parade  
Chapter 831
Ali Qapu(Iran)
Chapter 832
Masjed-e Jame(Iran)
Chapter 833
Naqsh-e Rajab(Iran)  
Chapter 834
Gunung Kawi(Bali )
Chapter 835
Goa Gajah Elephant's temple(Indonesia) 
Chapter 836
The statue with the touch of the see-through georgette (Hungary Budapest) 
Chapter 837
Tanah Lot(Indonesia)
Chapter 838
A big Stone human in Pergamon museum(Berlin)
Chapter 839
The recessed stone walls of Kumamoto castle
Chapter 840
Vatican museum Eye
Chapter 841
National Museum, Smiling clay image of a man(The clay image of a man with wings)
Chapter 842
The town like Horseshoe Bend(horseshoe shape) in US (Czecho-slovakia (Cesky))
Chapter 843
【Postscript on Oct. 22, 2014】 Well? Was this well connected with Japan in the underground? (Naqsh-e Rajab in Iran)  
Chapter 844
Pura Besakih in Indonesia (The head temple of Bali Hindu)
Chapter 845
【Postscript on Nov. 6, 2013 】Tirtha Empul Temple(holy water) in Indonesia 
Chapter 846
Chapter 847
Borobudur in Indonesia
Chapter 848
Candi Mendut in Indonesia
Chapter 849
Mt. Hachimen in Ohoita Prefecture, Japan
Chapter 850
What is Minanoko(small groups of atoms)?
Chapter 851
Mount Merapi in Indonesia
Chapter 852
Nalusuan Island in Phillipines 
Chapter 853
Sakafune Stone in Nara Prefecture, Japan  
Chapter 854
Bohol Island in Phillipines
Chapter 855
【 Postscript on Oct. 22, 2014】 The statue putting up an umbrella(Iran)
Chapter 856
Venice  | The sailing route to Venice
Chapter 857
The castle of Erice
Chapter 858
The rock carvings in Libya
Chapter 859
Chapter 860
'The dropped part' from the body of Stone god
Chapter 861
Mysterious 'Space Ball' Crashes in Namibia
Chapter 862
The story of Neu No1
Chapter 863
The story of Neu No2
Chapter 864
Are these earthquake clouds?
Chapter 865
To Abraham3
Chapter 866
Stone humans of Paris Opera
Chapter 867
Sorry for my clumsiness in positing
Chapter 868
Feature of the clouds which look like earthquake ones
Chapter 869
All articles about Crop Circle in this site 
Chapter 870
Pozzo di San Patrizio in Italy
Chapter 871
Youtube of giants 
Chapter 872
The meaning of the stone pillars of Stonehenge
Chapter 873
Can modern sculptors make these veiled stone statues with marble?
Chapter 874
Why are sinkholes made one after another?
Chapter 875
Jacinta de Jesus Marto of fatimah, adverse effect of religions, Warning from the earth, Lemurian continent, Kilauea
Chapter 876
The story of Atlantis and Lemuria
Chapter 877
Wynoia(From Stone god in the South Pole) | The South Pole moved by being pushed
Chapter 878
Meteora in Greece | The well of Meteora in Greece
Chapter 879
Many children can't stand erect. They are like gorillas.---Abnormality of toes are seen, too.
Chapter 880
The new underground city was found in Cappadocia
Chapter 881
The rock which represents the stomach | Zion 5 | Zion 4 | Zion 3 | The rock which represents the foundation of the building. (Zion 2)
Chapter 882
The stone pillar in front of Church of St. George | The model of the ruins of Mount Nebo  | The stone pillar which represents the body and the head of Stone human(the ruins of Mount Nebo)  | The symbol of the snake in Mount Nebo 
Chapter 883
The mountain near Mt. Sumon-Dake(At Tochio in Niigata Prefecture)---Lingering snow of the mountain which represents stone circle
Chapter 884
The elbow rock
Chapter 885
The clay figure with four ears
Chapter 886
The meaning of atoms and molecules (Why were water, iron, silicon (Si) , and so on produced?)
Chapter 887
By a reader named Kam 
Chapter 888
sand, Olympic, Mt.Ararat, United Nations scheme by religion , the thirteen calendar, megalith in Kochi Prefecture【Postscript】 energy body of Catholic, The photo before Tojindaba
Chapter 889
the late Pope, Zbigniew Cybulski, sion, Under construction
Chapter 890
The cloud which shows two Stone humans who are shaking hands, The clouds with eyes
Chapter 891
The response to those who are concerned about the pesticide of some degree and radioactivity. 
Chapter 892
Por-Bajin relics of Siberian solitary island
Chapter 893
Animal type human
Chapter 894
Chapter 895
Palmyra relics in Syria
Chapter 896
The round rocks in Kazakhstan
Chapter 897
The whole bodies of Moai statues in Easter Island
Chapter 898
Fairy circles in Namib Desert
Chapter 899
The stained glass of Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore
Chapter 900
The outer wall of Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore

To 901-1000

Animation of Abu Simbel and movie music of Ten Commandments

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