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『Rock arts all over the world depict Stone men』

『The murals of Egypt show Stone men taught humans』

『Ancient people can't make the work of Megalithic civilization shown in this page』

Animation of Abu Simbel and movie music of Ten Commandments

Vicious energy body and religions 

The most important problem about channeling 

On parade series of mysterious rocks and buildings

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No 101〜200(English)

No 201〜300(English)

No 301〜400(English)

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No 701〜800(English)

No 801〜900(Eng Japa)

Chapter 701
The evidence photo of 9/11  
Chapter 702
The glaciers don't move 100km
Chapter 703
Hagar Qim in Malta
Chapter 704
The explanation of the signal which Ms Taeko Shiraki feels in her body 、  
Chapter 705
People who insist Crop Circles are made by humans   
Chapter 706
Let's repeat what was posted previously.
Chapter 707
To khoisansun in South Africa
Chapter 708
Can the medium whom you know solve the enigma of the Megalith Remains?
Chapter 709
Mysterious Megaliths chosen by Ms Taeko Shiraki 
Chapter 710
Broch of Gurness 5--9
Chapter 711
Remarkable Rock(The earth and the moon)
Chapter 712
The question by Ms Taeko Shiraki to person concerned of geology
Chapter 713
Very small round pebbles
Chapter 714
To jamesglory
Chapter 715
The experience notes of Ms Taeko Shiraki  
Chapter 716
What has been told through the channeling and what Ms Taeko Shiraki thinks.
Chapter 717
How was Horseshoe Bend made?
Chapter 718
The age of the earth is much youger than many people think
Chapter 719
What do you think about suspicious points in 9/11?
Chapter 720
Very diverse and complex Crop Circle made in Spain
Chapter 721
The channeling of Barbara Marciniak
Chapter 722
We live while giving thanks to atoms
Chapter 723
Ms Taeko Shiraki's activities
Chapter 724
Every enigma on the earth can be solved if we accept atoms have awareness.
Chapter 725
The True SKY(SORA) Info has been sent all over the world
Chapter 726
The aggregation in the universe which have conscious mind are watching the postings by Susan and Richard Fusniak from the universe
Chapter 727
Nazca Lines【Postscript on Jan. 12, 2015】 
Chapter 728
Pancake Rocks 
Chapter 729
(USA)Bryce Canyon National Park
Chapter 730
The relation between clouds and earthquakes
Chapter 731
Hoodoo is to be hated?
Chapter 732
Clouds shot miraculously.
Chapter 733
Rosetta Stone(in British Museum)  
Chapter 734
13 mile long Crop Circle in the Desert of Oregon
Chapter 735
To Richard Fusniak 
Chapter 736
Washboard rock of Green Island (Australia) and Washboard rock of demon(Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan)  
Chapter 737
Beaghmore Stone Circles in Ireland
Chapter 738
Duomo in Milan
Chapter 739
The fountain in Rome, Trevi Fountain
Chapter 740
The ship of the sun in Egypt  
Chapter 741
The stone door of Kaymakl? Underground City, (Turkey)Lime shelf(Hierapolis-Pamukkale) 
Chapter 742
Emblem of Milan(Milan station)
Chapter 743
The earth in the valley of the universe 
Chapter 744
A church in Bethlehem (The Church of the Nativity) | Made copied humans, though it expresses Sirius | The hole in the ceiling 
Chapter 745
Next to the Western Wall  | The outer remains of castle wall of Jerusalem | The outside of the castle wall of Jerusalem  
Chapter 746
The Golden Gate 
Chapter 747
Various colors of the cliff of Isle of Wight(The United Kingdom)
Chapter 748
The stone circle of Avebury
Chapter 749
The flower of the queen of Sirius 
Chapter 750
Stone chamber(In front of the museum of Amman)
Chapter 751
Cairns |  Natural round pool
Chapter 752
The birth of Stone humans in Little Petra  | Stone human in Little Petra
Chapter 753
(Russia)Peter the Great's Summer Palace and gardens
Chapter 754
Rome, Pantheon
Chapter 755
Visitor center in Tyrone
Chapter 756
Swan Lake   
Chapter 757
Catherine Palace | Catherine Palace (the Hall of Mirrors)
Chapter 758
The lighthouse of St. Petersburg
Chapter 759
Mt. Benbulbin(Ireland)
Chapter 760
Temple of Olympian Zeus in Shikiria Island
Chapter 761
The Holy Trinity-St. Sergius Lavra (ロシア正教の教会(至聖三者聖セルギイ大修道院))
Chapter 762
Deir el-Bahari(ハトスエプスト葬祭殿)
Chapter 763
Angel's staircase in Petra  
Chapter 764
Xian old castle wall | The southern gate of Xian old castle wall | 乾帝稜
Chapter 765
Terracotta army (clay figurines found near the mausoleum of the first Qin emperor in China)
Chapter 766
(Ireland)Ruins of Creevykeel  
Chapter 767
Stromatolite(?) and the mouth which tells the truth.(Rottnest Island)  
Chapter 768
Ajloun Castle(Jordan) 
Chapter 769
The reply to Susan by Ms Taeko Shiraki 
Chapter 770
Mt. Olives
Chapter 771
Giants did exist!! (YouTube)
Chapter 772
Church of the Holy Sepulchre 聖墳墓教会
Chapter 773
To Susan by Ms Taeko Shiraki
Chapter 774
Israeli ruins,Caesarea
Chapter 775
Sistine Chapel  
Chapter 776
The emblem of Vatican  
Chapter 777
The ruins which is situated over there of Ponte Vecchio | Ponte Vecchio
Chapter 778
Piazza San Marco | Piazza San Marco(Venice) 
Chapter 779
An encounter with a person with the sky-blue eyes 
Chapter 780
Let me post some information before the approaching deadline of the earth
Chapter 781
Etruscan Necropolises of Cerveteri and Tarquinia(Italy)
Chapter 782
Siracusa, Parco Archeologico della Neapoli No1--Mp4 
Chapter 783
The pots for the juice which giants put on their heads
Chapter 784
Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore(フィレンツェのドオモ)
Chapter 785
(Italy)Duomo di Siracusa (ドゥオモ・ディ・シラクーサ) 
Chapter 786
Medici Chapel (Cappelle medicee)メディチ家礼拝堂
Chapter 787
Cromleque dos Almendres (The stone circle in Portugal)(ポルトガルのストーンサークル?
Chapter 788
USA Guam
Chapter 789
Pompei ruins
Chapter 790
The roof of my parents' home and the stones.
Chapter 791
Aren't you Peary? 
Chapter 792
Castel Sant'Angelo サンタンジェロ城(ハドリアヌス霊廟) 
Chapter 793
(Italy) Ruins in Ostia Antica
Chapter 794
The shallow water tank?  | The flower of the sun |  The mark of the sun |  The root of the pine tree in Rome | Ruins in Ostia Antica 
Chapter 795
The pot for the juice  |  The wheel track on the stone pavement
Chapter 796
Google map shows the places I have visited in search of the answer for the enigmas of the ruins.
Chapter 797
The leader stone of stone circle  | The family crest of the Sirakis  | The tombstone of grandparents of the Sirakis
Chapter 798
Iran Bastan Museum  
Chapter 799
Chapter 800
(Orkney Island)  Bishop's and Earl's Palaces

To 801-900

Animation of Abu Simbel and movie music of Ten Commandments

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