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『Rock arts all over the world depict Stone men』

『The murals of Egypt show Stone men taught humans』

『Ancient people can't make the work of Megalithic civilization shown in this page』

Animation of Abu Simbel and movie music of Ten Commandments

Vicious energy body and religions 

The most important problem about channeling 

On parade series of mysterious rocks and buildings

No 1〜100

No 101〜200

No 201〜300

No 301〜400

No 401〜500

No 501〜600

No 601〜700

No 701〜800

Chapter 601
The dream and vision | The shape of Hokkaido and Tohoku area | Mr. Sakanoue-no Tamuramaro | Natives of Yezo | SARS |  Canada 
Chapter 602
The faith to Dragon
Chapter 603
Chapter 604
Mont Saint-Michel 
Chapter 605
On parade series of mysterious rocks and buildings
Chapter 606
The work of Sirius | Aqueduct |  Dragon  | Vision 
Chapter 607
Dolmens with holes which were made by giants in Caucasus for dwarves' residence on parade.     
Chapter 608
Stone men were able to turn into giants, dwarfs and mixed race of mankind and animal or bird.
Chapter 609
Sigiriya Rock Fortress in Sri Lanka on parade 
Chapter 610
Religion |The origin of Buddhism
Chapter 611
The truth about Nero | The architecture of ancient Rome= The work of art by giants | The meaning of only begotten Son | The images of THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA, and so on 
Chapter 612
Arches National Park of Utah on parade
Chapter 613
The parts of human body shown by rocks, Correction on Aug. 14,
Chapter 614
Salt | Dead Sea | Non 
Chapter 615
The meaning of the giant jellyfish
Chapter 616
Last announcements from the stars?
Chapter 617
Carnac ruins and Pinnacles
Chapter 618
The dream of metal inserts | Vision
Chapter 619
The Crop Circle which shows who devised the eye 
Chapter 620
The comet which collides with the earth
Chapter 621
Snuffing out the energy body by digital camera
Chapter 622
From unnamed stars | How to inform from 'THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA' | Dreams of a reader
Chapter 623
The heavenly rock ship(The heavenly rock ship of Masuda)
Chapter 624
From unnamed stars 
Chapter 625
The beginning of an atom | Why were mankind created?  | The cause of Japanese era name  
Chapter 626
Ms Taeko Shiraki, channeler told as follows NO1 
Chapter 627
Ms Taeko Shiraki, channeler told as follows NO2 
Chapter 628
Super giant stone chamber in Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan.
Chapter 629
Newgrange  |  Explanation of inside Newgrange
Chapter 630
Stone men in Milan  
Chapter 631
Hungary(Budapest)| Wonder of the European sculptures
Chapter 632
Ziggurat(trapezoid pyramids) |  oil
Chapter 633
Abnormal clouds appear before the earthquakes or eruptions
Chapter 633a
Abnormal clouds a
Chapter 633b
Abnormal clouds b
Chapter 633c
Abnormal clouds c
Chapter 634
Nan Madol Ruins 6--10
Chapter 635
Nan Madol Ruins 1〜5 
Chapter 636
Re: Ms Taeko Shiraki, channeler told as follows:The reply to zCommonAnomaly
Chapter 637
No typhoon landed on Japanese archipelagod in 2000 
Chapter 638
The bird-type men 
Chapter 639
Sardinia island, Exploded(?)mushrooms  
Chapter 640
Ship-shaped stone in Kibune Shrine
Chapter 641
Saga megalith park,  Ship stone  
Chapter 642
Our PDF documents can be downloaded from here 
Chapter 643
The mosaic in Sicilia  |  The mosaic in Ostia Anticar ruins  
Chapter 644
Japanese ancient airships 
Chapter 645
Re: Ms Taeko Shiraki, channeler told as follows No2  
Chapter 646
Re: Ms Taeko Shiraki, channeler told as follows NO3 
Chapter 647
The Ohmoto (the central consciousness of the universe) and his younger brothers | Daisenryo-kofun Tumulus (which is said to be the mausoleum of Emperor Nintoku)
Chapter 648
The silver colored dragon(The bicycle seat of stainless bicycle=Muqtada al-Sadr) | Newton Scholar of principle of scientism  |  The resurrection of Pleiadenai, | 【The images of THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA】 
Chapter 649
Carnac ruins in France
Chapter 650
Why were tumuluses made? 
Chapter 651
The temple of fountain in Sardinia
Chapter 652
Sardinia, Nuraxi | Sardinia, Su Nuraxi  
Chapter 653
Palestine | Announcements from the stars 
Chapter 654
In order to attain the world peace 
Chapter 655
From late Arafat | The terror of constellation | The clouds of supine posture sequence  
Chapter 656
Sardinia | Su Nuraxi 4〜7
Chapter 657
Sardinia | The rocky mountain on which cactuses grow  | The cracked rocky mountain | The megalith with mysterious groove | The exploded? mushroom
Chapter 658
The rock of Mononobe clan |  Ataka shrine in Kasuga-town, Tanba-city, Hyogo Prefecture |  Mt. Kasuga-fuji | A horse and a waterfow l The temple of Horyu
Chapter 659
Sardinia  |  Alghero underground ruins  | Mysterious rock
Chapter 660
The mushroom rocks in Jyoudomatu Park in Fukusima Prefecture, Japan
Chapter 661
The rock of the sun in Yamazoe-village, Nara Prefecture (The rock of long life longevity)
Chapter 662
Biei in Hokkaido, blue pond 2 | The megaliths in the Hikachi Pass 1--10
Chapter 663
Shimokita peninsula(=It expresses broad−axe )  | Masakari inlet seen from above | Parent-child Stone god | The megalith with the depression in the lower part  | The rock which expresses Bird seat
Chapter 664
Sardinia |  Arzachena 1〜4 | Menhir museum in Sardinia
Chapter 665
Mt. Teruishi, The rock of the rock of the original fingerprint(?) | How to prevent the extermination of the earth , The earthquake of the fold landform  
Chapter 666
The mural of Toratuka tumulus  
Chapter 667
The work of art by Stone god in Syakotan peninsula
Chapter 668
The warship rock | Stalactite cave in Nakatonbetsu in Hokkaido= It expresses the kidney   
Chapter 669
The big rock named Ishibutai (The stone stage) in Nakatu-city, Ooita Prefecture
Chapter 670
The television stone in Ikuishi shrine 
Chapter 671
The role of announcements from the stars
Chapter 672
"Consciousness and subconsciousness " | "The role of announcements from the stars" by Taeko Shiraki
Chapter 673
Why atoms get angry.
Chapter 674
The mankind were made in the stone circles. | The earthquake in Bay of Tokyo  
Chapter 675
"As above so below" in Emerald Tablet(Hermes Tablet)
Chapter 676
Crop Circle No193 
Chapter 677
Equality is the most important in the universe 
Chapter 678
The reply to Susan by Ms Taeko Shiraki
Chapter 679
Crop Circle  
Chapter 680
The response to Zimmer101 (About North America)
Chapter 681
The foot-shaped megalith (Ookama-Hanzou)
Chapter 682
Late Kadafi told through the channeling as follows  
Chapter 683
Ancient manuscript called Takeuchi Monjyo tells there were flying ships in ancient Japan
Chapter 684
To Lotus Feet   
Chapter 685
【Postscript】Tabi(journey) and Te(hand)=David  | Judaism | outer galaxy and Vega | Palestine  | Aquila
Chapter 686
Why do atoms give notice one after another?
Chapter 687
Amafurasi rock in Amafurasi shore in Toyama bay、
Chapter 688
Most of the strives on the earth now are caused by the difference of the religions
Chapter 689
The reply to Susan by Ms Taeko Shiraki  
Chapter 690
Let me post myself (Ms Taeko Shiraki)
Chapter 691
The reply to Susan No2 
Chapter 692
The equality in the universe is being broken by imperial system and royalism 
Chapter 693
The truth about 9/11 told by the beings from the stars   
Chapter 694
The warning of atoms of the earth
Chapter 695
To Susan from Ms Taeko Shiraki NO3
Chapter 696
Stars with the goodwill trying to support the earth  
Chapter 697
The triangular ufo which showed above ex-president Bush  
Chapter 698
*Sky people*, *The beings from the stars* 
Chapter 699
I'm too angry against the arrogant poster.
Chapter 700
Were the fjord made by the glacier's scraping off?  

To 701-800

The religions were given to humans to cause conflict.

Animation of Abu Simbel and movie music of Ten Commandments

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