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『Rock arts all over the world depict Stone men』

『The murals of Egypt show Stone men taught humans』

『Ancient people can't make the work of Megalithic civilization shown in this page』

Animation of Abu Simbel and movie music of Ten Commandments

Vicious energy body and religions 

The most important problem about channeling 

On parade series of mysterious rocks and buildings

Chapter 501
From Stone god  | Omogo Valley |  twelve-layered ceremonial kimono   
Chapter 502
Crop Circles thereafter   
Chapter 503
The salt in the regions like Death Valley  
Chapter 504
【Postscript】Salt | The pain of Stone god  
Chapter 505
From Mercury |  How were water and oxygen made?  
Chapter 506
Nezame no Toko  | The princess in Australia  
Chapter 507
Drop-lid of the pot | The moon and the rock   
Chapter 508
The deformation of Crop Circle pattern  
Chapter 509
From Yunoia  
Chapter 510
Chapter 511
The figure of Stone god  | loess doll  
Chapter 512
Carp swimming up a waterfall  | Sperm whale  
Chapter 513
Fatal blow operation plan to the earth Postscript at 12:00  
Chapter 514
From Munoia | The departure of a ship |  Zen (Buddhism) Summit | The meaning of corn silk | The cloud of Hurricane Katrina  
Chapter 515
The clouds and the eels  
Chapter 516
Land of the Dead | Hot spring  
Chapter 517
The oldest observatory in Korea  | Stone gods in China  | Others  
Chapter 518
Besubiosu volcano |Zeus  
Chapter 519
The patience of atoms (elements)  
Chapter 520
National anthem of Brazil|rash|The pot in Greece
Chapter 521
The mystery of Guiana Highlands(Venezuela) | The giant hole and the dream  
Chapter 522
【The correction on Dec. 12, 2012 The war among stars=It is not the war but the differece of thoughts 】 Doctrine of creation science | The birth of the earth  
Chapter 523
Various announcements  
Chapter 524
About killing oneself 
Chapter 525
The figure of Stone god  
Chapter 526
The photo of the reinforcement of arch(Rainbow Bridge)  
Chapter 527
The beginning of conscious mind  
Chapter 528
Conscious mind is broken=Abnormal incident | The spread of energy body which claims humanity is the best.【Postscript】  
Chapter 529
Kisaichi tumulus in Ayabe city, Kyoto, Japan  
Chapter 530
Ms Sachie Chisato  
Chapter 531
Mt.Ararat | the king of Sagittarius in Middle East | The change of the thought of the Ohmoto (the central consciousness of the universe) | The image to take care of the earth  
Chapter 532
Lucifer | Mosaic images  
Chapter 533
The Protocols of the Elders of Zion  
Chapter 534
Nezame no Toko in Nagano Prefecture in Japan | The princess in Australia    
Chapter 535
The being with the sound of 'S' | cirrocumulus | the Korean Peninsula | hieroglyphs | winged goddess of victory  
Chapter 536
Younger brothers of the Ohmoto (the central consciousness of the universe) | The balls of light and the material of soap bubble pattern | The key  
Chapter 537
Former Prime Minister Sharon in Israel | The notice by the signal given to both the wrists  
Chapter 538
Vatican | The stone pagoda of Emperor Kan    
Chapter 539
From Yunoia     
Chapter 540
Olmec | The Crop Circle of last year  
Chapter 541
Waterfall climbing of the carp |  Sperm whale  
Chapter 542
The discrimination of the cell of herbivorous and carnivorous  
Chapter 543
Constellation |Nanoparticle    
Chapter 544
Multidimensional world?【 Added, correction on Oct. 1, 2008】    
Chapter 545
The questions | The announcement from Stone god  
Chapter 546
Mu (lost continent)  
Chapter 547
The introduction of a mail  
Chapter 548
Kakapo(teeth) and the mouth (= convey the important thing)  
Chapter 549
The deep pot which shows how the spine is made |  The vision which shows the previous stage when the spine is made | The stone which shows the spine | Izu island of Onagawa-town, in Miyagi Prefecture,  
Chapter 550
Correction about "spaceman" clay figurine from about 500 AD |How to make the spine | Zoroaster  
Chapter 551
Released new book【The true history from 'THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA'】  | "Spaceman" clay figurine from about 500 AD | Earth's axis movement | Isukiri=Arahabaki - The Spirit of Mother Earth    
Chapter 552
【Postscript】The story of boobs |  Stone gods in the Mediterranean | The song of kakapo  
Chapter 553
The relationship between the stone circles and the graves  
Chapter 554
The bell of Nagasaki(Japan) |  The discrimination of Crop Circles    
Chapter 555
Six-dimensional? | Hiratobashi (Toyota city, Aichi Prefecture in Japan)
Chapter 556
Vicious spiritual bodies  
Chapter 557
Prediction | Dragon of China and Mongol | Code of Hammurabi | Illuminati | Revelation  
Chapter 558
Taklamakan Desert=The place where Okuninushi and Himiko who were the mixed race of Stone man and humanity died. | The head of Big Buddha=strawberry  
Chapter 559
From the nanny of Munoia |  The statues in Easter Island   
Chapter 560
The wrinkles on the brain |  Alzheimer's | Human  evolution? |Buddha | Remunoia |Zoroaster |  The fossil of new species  
Chapter 561
【 Postscript on Dec. 4, 2008 】From the prince of Sagittarius  
Chapter 562
Thank you for your visiting my site.   
Chapter 563
I'd like to draw near the sheer truth of the universe as near as possible!! (The web site report by a reader of Solving the mystery of the earth )     
Chapter 564
The complaint to the program of Dragon in NHK( Japan government-run broadcasting station)    
Chapter 565
Neu | Ancient document | What do they think while living? |The fossil | Mummies  | The elevator accident = 9/11 | Christianity which has returned to the origin  
Chapter 566
The electrons turn around the nucleus as atoms have consciousness    
Chapter 567
"The story of Shaka and Buddha in 'THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA'  Postscript on Oct. 4, 2006 "The meaning of a1l is vanity"   
Chapter 568
The movement of the gas cloud |  The meaning of the rock art of hand mold | The rock of fingerprint    
Chapter 569
From Mercury | The crystal of the water | The meaning of the shape of the clouds | The meaning of Nigorigawa River |  the Amazon   
Chapter 570
The pyramids and the domination  
Chapter 571
Adding to the photos of Mr.Gary  | Vision(the Old Testament), and so on  
Chapter 572
Four fingers | Rock of Ollantaytambo(six pieces of folding screen) | The movement of earth's axis(?)  
Chapter 573
Refusal to do military service by Israel  | Heart of the earth | From Hoshinomina (alter ego of Ms Taeko Shiraki) Postscript on April 11, 2005    
Chapter 574
Wave Rock | The model of Wave Rock  | The top of Wave Rock | The enigma of Australia   
Chapter 575
Stuffer Island=Stone gods who drew Crop Circle  | Fingal's Cave | The bird of puffin  
Chapter 576
More sumo(wrestling) | From Stone god in the sea  
Chapter 577
The caution in case of channeling      Adding and correction on May 30, 2007  
Chapter 578
The Top-50 Megaliths |  Stone gods in Siberia | Giant underground tomb in China  
Chapter 579
The wildest Russian natural ruins  | The giant sinkhole in Siberia  | The statues of marble covered with veil | The Stone Head in the jungles of Guatemala  | Amazing! The Most Surreal Places On Earth  | Chachapoyas ruins in Peru  
Chapter 580
The prince of Sagittarius   
Chapter 581
Olmec | The Crop Circle of last year  
Chapter 582
The Crop Circles which appeared in May to July in 2002 in Toyota-city of Aichi Prefecture, Japan.   
Chapter 583
Returning to their star by Stone gods(?)  | The story of 'The world of subconsciousness'      
Chapter 584
Raelian Revolution  
Chapter 585
Vicious energy body and religions   
Chapter 586
The most important problem about channeling
Chapter 587
The energy body of Raelian Revolution | Crop Circle    
Chapter 588
Eruption NO2 and earthquake  
Chapter 589
Mt. Ishikata(=Mt. Sarunage which means 'throw a monkey') and Crop Circle  | Introduction of a mail  
Chapter 590
Moon landing  
Chapter 591
Drawstring bag-type earthquake |  Many tumuluses |  Stone columns in Iran | Ruins in Peru   
Chapter 592
The earthquake in Siberia | The death of birds | dislocation cloud | Ando Hiroshige | Mt. Fuji which moves |  Konohana Sakuya Hime  
Chapter 593
【The dictionary of 'THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA'】 The tellers of the channeling information from 'THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA    
Chapter 594
【'The dictionary of THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA'.】   Hoshinomina (alter ego of Miss Taeko Shiraki)  
Chapter 595
A hole in Stone god | The pattern of petroglyph  
Chapter 596
The matter which I want you to let people know absolutely    
Chapter 597
Photodermatosis | Nettle rash |  Muscular dystrophy    
Chapter 598
From cells | Typhoon No.16 =Iwanoea(princess of New Zealand )   
Chapter 599
Prince Shotoku    
Chapter 600
The meritan advantage of electric power generation by Deep Seawater   

To 601-700

Animation of Abu Simbel and movie music of Ten Commandments

The religions were given to humans to cause conflict.

Mail of Takashi→

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