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『Rock arts all over the world depict Stone men』

『The murals of Egypt show Stone men taught humans』

『Ancient people can't make the work of Megalithic civilization shown in this page』

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Animation of Abu Simbel and movie music of Ten Commandments

Chapter 301
Ek'balam 1--5
Chapter 302
Ek'balam 6--10
Chapter 303
Mayapan(Ayapan) 1--5 | Rest area in the jungle 
Chapter 304
Chapter 305
Kabah ruins 1--5 
Chapter 306
Kabah ruins 6--8
Chapter 307
Mexico City, Royal Monastery of Santa Maria de Guadalupe 1-5
Chapter 308
Teotihuacan  It represents the heart.  | National Museum of Anthropology (Museo Nacional de Antropologia)    Chacmool | National Museum of Anthropology (Museo Nacional de Antropologia)  Olmec= All-mechanical   National Museum of Anthropology   Olmec 2
Chapter 309
National Museum of Anthropology (Museo Nacional de Antropologia)  | Megalith in Nara, Japan | National Museum of Anthropology   Chacmool 2  | National Museum of Anthropology   Chacmool 3 | National Museum of Anthropology Chacmool 4 
Chapter 310
Kabah ruins    Liver?
Chapter 311
Stone tools of Mexico which represent the Sun(?) 1--3
Chapter 312
Big Stone men | Small Stone men | The pyramids in Yucatan Peninsula
Chapter 313
Crop Circle 511〜515
Chapter 314
The translation to Arabic
Chapter 315
Underground cavity
Chapter 316
The cloud like a slope  | Abnormal cold wave | Various warning
Chapter 317
Carlsbad Caverns National Park in New Mexico
Chapter 318
Stalin and the Emperor of Showa
Chapter 319
Andaman Islands=Giant
Chapter 320
Until Atom-boys are born from the light--- The experience of a child.
Chapter 321
Shetland Island      Unstan Chambered Cairn
Chapter 322
The dialogue with Atom-boys No2
Chapter 323
Orkney Island , St. Magnus Cathedral | Orkney Island , St. Magnus Cathedral  Double-headed dragon?
Chapter 324
Shetland Island _The Standing Stones o' Stenness | Shetland Island_The Ring o' Brodgar
Chapter 325
Shetland Island_ The Ring o' Brodgar | Shetland Island _Skara Brae( Settlement ruins of the New Stone Age)
Chapter 326
Shetland Island (The palace of the earl )_Brough of Birsay(The fort of Birsay)  
Chapter 327
The ruins of standing stones in Kara Danish ruins in Isle of Lewis
Chapter 328
Happy New year!
Chapter 329
Minoa=Cattle human(The tube for the juice)=Seat cattleman | Nut in Egypt=Northern and Southern Hemispher(inner universe, Underground cavity , and so on)   
Chapter 330
The meaning of Laocoon and His Sons| Pink aurora | The lie of Greek myths |The mail of the change of angel of black clothes
Chapter 331
The law of the universe | reincarnation |The anger of the earth |sea urchi
Chapter 332
Stone gods who made the crust |Stone gods in Hawaii
Chapter 333
Many huge round stones in New Zealand |The meaning of Glow Worm     
Chapter 334
Balanced Rock in Japan | Daikoku Rock on Mt. Gozaisyodake  
Chapter 335
The support from Orion in Egypt |pyramids | The mural which shows the inside of the earth
Chapter 336
The being which take advantage of the fear for their energy source 【Postscript】  
Chapter 337
The round stone on Mt. Gozaisyodake  
Chapter 338
Mastigias papua
Chapter 339
Manna | Mushrooms growing in the park nearby
Chapter 340
Stone god, alter ego, giant|The brain of giant?| The triangular mountain in Sapporo in Japan
Chapter 341
Stone gods in Morocco |The origin of Dragon in China | The generation of human beings and so on
Chapter 342
The rocks in front of Udo Shinto shrine | The rock of heart and the rock of stomach 【Postscript on Feb. 9, 2006】  
Chapter 343
Sakafune-Stone in Nara Prefecture, Japan
Chapter 344
Stone crown N02 
Chapter 345
Those who eat without working |Australia | Stone god Tour |The vision of two earth  
Chapter 346
The stone bars in Buried Cultural Property Investigation Center in Ebetu city in Hokkaidou. |The ruins of Petra on parade
Chapter 347
Tokko stone and stone bars
Chapter 348
The clay figure with four ears
Chapter 349
Ark of the Covenant in Vatican? 
Chapter 350
The subconsciousness who suffered from the excution by burning | terracotta army (clay figurines found near the mausoleum of the first Qin emperor in China) | Stone statue | Tragic incidents are increasing under the influence of the protection of evil god  
Chapter 351
Mushroom stones of Jyodomatu Park in Fukushima Prefecture, Japan.
Chapter 352
Abu Simbel Temple|Abu Simbel Small Temple
Chapter 353
The end of Stone gods | The reason why humanity was made 
Chapter 354
Generation of Stone men | Clay image | How to gene(?)  |Autophagy | Parallel world  
Chapter 355
Komakino ruins in Aomori Prefecture, Japan
Chapter 356
Stone statues=Stone men | The stone statue with the foot of different colors.
Chapter 357
The suffering of the earth
Chapter 358
The warning from the earth | The star of 卍 | The rectangular star |The meaning of nail |  The energy body of festival 【Postscript】
Chapter 359
The question about the gravity
Chapter 360
About the names and the symbol of atoms | The gravity and iron  
Chapter 361
In order to extinguish the thoughts of the Ruler's Star | Neutrino  |The equality of the wealth  |Si|Fe
Chapter 362
The gravity and the nose | The green blood | The pot | Pyramids | Mummies | Armageddon | Hebrew | Megiddo    【Postscript】The dinosaurs and gravity and so on 
Chapter 363
Iron | Entropy? | magnetic force | gravity? |  Atlantis
Chapter 364
The container for the juice of Stone men
Chapter 365
【Postscript】Stone men | Bat 
Chapter 366
Orion | pyramids | Stone men in Egypt | crane and so on
Chapter 367
The conditions to become Stone men |Erase the result of evil deeds |Energy body of southern islands
Chapter 368
Small e |Amalgam |hieroglyphs |Japanese archipelago 
Chapter 369
Scientists | The dream of Egypt |Identity of the infant kidnapper | False door of Heneni  
Chapter 370
The cause of earthquake (The earthquake that moves slowly, too) |The coupling and separation of Neus |The fetus in the baby |The dying out of the clan of Pleiadenai |Cat
Chapter 371
Mysterious rocks in US on parade
Chapter 372
Please welcome a good year!
Chapter 373
The stone chamber of Locmariaquer
Chapter 374
How was the food made?
Chapter 375
The survey of Western Turkey No1   
Chapter 376
【Correction on Feb. 27, 2008】Stone god
Chapter 377
Aborigine|Ayers Rock
Chapter 378
Hasiro rock (Thono, Iwate Prefecture in Japan) 
Chapter 379
The rock art of Locmariaquer which stood out
Chapter 380
Pains that can not move  
Chapter 381
Reincarnation in the early days | Consciousness and subconsciousness | Lightning strike 
Chapter 382
To jamesglory in the Forum of Graham Hancok.
Chapter 383
To spitfire888 in the Forum of Graham Hancok
Chapter 384
From Hoshinomina (alter ego of the Ohmoto) | The rapping sound  
Chapter 385
Kisaichimaruyama tumulus  | The tumulus of loop-shaped mountain = strawberry= It expresses the head of Buddha  
Chapter 386
Stone men of Minanoko (small groups of atoms)   
Chapter 387
The thought of atoms | Medusa=The nerve is connected with spine【About subconsciousness-some postscript】
Chapter 388
Mt.Teine (Hokkaido, Japan)
Chapter 389
The signal to the body | The center of the earth | Noah | Habitable zone | Imperial system 
Chapter 390
【Correction on Sep.29, 2006 】Maria with the infant face |  Palestine | outer galaxy | Ikina island (Ehime Prefecture, Japan)
Chapter 391
The rock of legs | The custom of west bank of the Jordan | Mindanao
Chapter 392
The villa of Hadrianus and opium poppy  | Stone statue of Hadrianus  | The villa of Hadrianus
Chapter 393
The villa of Hadrianus No1
Chapter 394
The statue of the internal organ in Palestrina|The mountain castle in the suburb of Rome, Palestrina
Chapter 395
The picture of Annunciation | The being with big feather= Aquila | Orion and Neu | Hexagon on Saturn
Chapter 396
A mail from the man who has learned various religions and have engaged in channeling
Chapter 397
Small stone circles | The meaning of Dolmen | The emblem of Hisham's Palace | Wadi Rum, and so on
Chapter 398
The flower which talks   
Chapter 399
Ramesses | The meaning of the Egyptian mural | The energy body of World Religions Conference  | SS |  Served monk | The bad planets in the solar system
Chapter 400
dedicate=show to hair | beard or tonsure =the plot of the Ruler's Stars  | seek the perspective art=Be swayed by energy body

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Animation of Abu Simbel and movie music of Ten Commandments

The religions were given to humans to cause conflict.

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