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『Rock arts all over the world depict Stone men』

『The murals of Egypt show Stone men taught humans』

『Ancient people can't make the work of Megalithic civilization shown in this page』

Animation of Abu Simbel and movie music of Ten Commandments

The ruins on Google map

Vicious energy body and religions 

The most important problem about channeling 

On parade series of mysterious rocks and buildings

No 1〜100(English)

No 101〜200(English)

No 201〜300(English)

No 301〜400(English)

No 401〜500(English)

No 501〜600(English)

No 601〜700(English)

No 701〜800(English )

No 801〜900(English )

No 901〜1000( English)

No 1001〜1100( English)

No 1101〜1200( English)

Chapter 1101
Ancient Egyptian exhibition(Metropolitan Museum of Art)
Chapter 1102
Oeiishi-stone at Nozaki island in Nagasaski Prefecture, Japan  
Chapter 1103
A contributor claims atoms can't think as they have no brain
Chapter 1104
Scientists puzzled by giant whirlpools that have appeared in the Atlantic Ocean 
Chapter 1105
A massive stone sphere in Europe is the ultimate evidence of a lost ancient Civilization 
Chapter 1106
From an ex-healer
Chapter 1107
The mail from the man who was involved in the inner world, the meditation, the Monroe Institute, Hemi-Sync, and so on
Chapter 1108
Africa,the dying earth,The clouds of the thought of the atoms from the sky and the universe and consciousness bodies of the comet,BASHAR, Atoms of the water,and so on
Chapter 1109
Carnac stones(Alignements de Carna), Himiko' daughter and the giant
Chapter 1110
The amicable posting to Godlike Production by Flyover County 
Chapter 1111
(Postscript)announcements from the stars | The queen of Pleiades
Chapter 1112
An inexplicable affair in the lavatory
Chapter 1113
This is the domestic and foreign ruins'list visited by Ms Taeko Shiraki(The number of ruins exceeded one thousand)
Chapter 1114
The posting by Flyover County
Chapter 1115
JA - The concealed human history
Chapter 1116
The earthquake clouds | The creatures were born from Stone gods in Tokachi‐oki (in Hokkaido, Japan) 
Chapter 1117
The pyramid in South Pole, Great Wall of China ,Sara・ba・n・do, The satellites of Pluto, The continental shelf,large number of deaths 
Chapter 1118
Azure Window in Gozo
Chapter 1119
Minanokos(small groups of atoms) and Minanomono(big groups of atoms)
Chapter 1120
What has been informed by a dog(=Sirius)?
Chapter 1121
Kouban-dake(Yaku-shima island) (The been curd rock)
Chapter 1122
OP feeds with it so well she might as well surpass the rest of us who are not themselves 
Chapter 1123
The blind spot of the modern medical science
Chapter 1124
The vision which shows how the material is decomposed.
Chapter 1125
The earth in the early days?  
Chapter 1126
The vision of animals 
Chapter 1127
The king of Sagittarius
Chapter 1128
The Megalith in US
Chapter 1129
From Princess of Sagittarius (The supplement in July 29,2007)
Chapter 1130
Crop Circle 481~500
Chapter 1131
Mysterious rocks on parade NO2
Chapter 1132
The arches on parade(The NABS U.S. Gallery)  
Chapter 1133
Announcements from the stars, Ishikari river in Hokkaido, Japan
Chapter 1134
Catacomb in the underground of Paris extend as long as 250q
Chapter 1135
The key-shaped Crop Circle reported by the foreign poster
Chapter 1136
(Postscript on July 2,2017)The key which came out
Chapter 1137
The two keys in the square of Vatican  
Chapter 1138
Chapter 1139
Delphi museum in Greece,The navel of the earth?
Chapter 1140
How to make arches
Chapter 1141
Ms Taeko Shiraki writes down what are told by atoms in the complete darkness
Chapter 1142
The Mikataishi Goddess of Mercy in Fukui Prefecture, Japan
Chapter 1143
Minanokos(small groups of atoms),The minimum flower which I found at Jinguji-temple in Obama city of Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan
Chapter 1144
Stone humans and soil humans
Chapter 1145
The variation of the hand
Chapter 1146
National Museum, The soldier in the armor named "Keiko"(About the clay image of the man and the stone statue)
Chapter 1147
Crop Circle No.563---No.584
Chapter 1148
Inorganic and organic material
Chapter 1149
Gojyou-rock of Mt.Kinpu
Chapter 1150
The creation of atoms,the meaning of a part of atomic symbols, Egyptian ships,Ancient fish coelacanth, Doraemon,
Chapter 1151
Crop Circle No 585〜586  
Chapter 1152
The posting by DavidK in The Megalithic Portal
Chapter 1153
The fat stone statue with only the lower body(Malta Tarxien Neolithic Temples )
Chapter 1154
The posting by Kevin and DavidK  
Chapter 1155
Chapter 1156
The warning from the universe
Chapter 1157
The earthquake in Miyagi Prefecture, The warning about the transformation plan of the earth 
Chapter 1158
The story of atoms and Neu(The meaning of clouds, rainbows and earthquake clouds,and so on)
Chapter 1159
Light ball(orb)
Chapter 1160
Burning vision
Chapter 1161
Burning vision NO2
Chapter 1162
From a reader living at the foot of Mt. Iwaki in Aomori Prefecture (Hirosaki City)
Chapter 1163
About the change of a reader's feelings
Chapter 1164
This is a hypothetical delusion ... Under construction
Chapter 1165
About the airspace in the metropolitan area and JAL Jumbo plane - JAL 123 Flight Crash
Chapter 1166
The vast US territory in the Kanto area
Chapter 1167
【Postscript on Aug. 26, 2015】The truth of the concealed JAL plane accident、The presence which governs climate,Atoms such as oil and coal ,Russian travel, Russian Orthodox Church
Chapter 1168
JAL plane crash accident, Europa, Vega, Lake bottom of South Pole, earthquake cloud, the images of the UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA, typhoon No 15  
Chapter 1169
Vision, Continuation of JAL plane crash accident, typhoon, Buddha statue, Rainbow, Mt.Choukai, the Lotus Sutra, False Queen Himiko
Chapter 1170
US troops in Japan stop mysterious rescue... Taboo of the JAL plane crash accident which was not reported by the newspaper / TV for 30 years!
Chapter 1171
A sky taboo in the Tokyo metropolitan area "Yokota Airspace" …Japan's domination by the US military still continues
Chapter 1172
Stone humans,sports,Kii peninsula, The recession of the seaside,Persepolis
Chapter 1173
Six-pointed star(Sagittarius) and the reproduction( Crop Circle No 607)
Chapter 1174
Human bodies and conscious bodies in the universe (Crop Circle No 608)
Chapter 1175
The parallel world (Crop Circle No 609)
Chapter 1176
Stone humans=The True Trinity (Crop Circle No 610)
Chapter 1177
The subordinates of Ple(Pleiades) and their children( Crop Circle No606)
Chapter 1178
【Postscript on July 22, 2018】The queen of Pleiades(Crop Circle No 605)
Chapter 1179
Stone Gods who are contacting with one another in the underground (Crop Circle No 604)
Chapter 1180
The meaning of eye, nose and mouth (Crop Circle No603)
Chapter 1181
The contentious fellows of conscious bodies in the universe (Crop Circle  No.602)
Chapter 1182
Evil space conscious bodies came to surpass good space conscious bodies (Crop Circle No 601)
Chapter 1183
The beings which ruled the giants, Venus and the moon(Crop Circle No 599)
Chapter 1184
Medaka (Crop Circle No 598)
Chapter 1185
The anger of the underground Stone Gods (Crop Circle No 597)
Chapter 1186
Pleiadenai (Pleiades)【Postscript on Augsut 9, 2008 important】  
Chapter 1187
Inside the earth(Crop Circle No 596)
Chapter 1188
Fake Trinity(Crop Circle No 595)
Chapter 1189
Rose=Pleia(des)(Crop Circle No 594)
Chapter 1190
Ahura Mazda(Crop Circle No 592)
Chapter 1191
Nameless stars (Crop Circle No 591) 
Chapter 1192
Crop Circle(No 611)
Chapter 1193
The door, The door knob=The hole of the ground (Crop Circle No 612)
Chapter 1194
【Postscript】How the rain is made, the hair= It expresses the rain
Chapter 1195
The aggregation of the naughty Minanokos(small groups of atoms)= The hidden five-pointed stars=The collection of Pleiades (Crop Circle No 590)
Chapter 1196
The beings which rule the earth, the moon and the sun, The tower of the sun (Crop Circle No 588)
Chapter 1197
The inside of the earth and Jupiter(Crop Circle No 587)
Chapter 1198
Chapter 1199
Chapter 1200

Animation of Abu Simbel and movie music of Ten Commandments

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