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『Rock arts all over the world depict Stone men』

『The murals of Egypt show Stone men taught humans』

『Ancient people can't make the work of Megalithic civilization shown in this page』

Animation of Abu Simbel and movie music of Ten Commandments

The ruins on Google map

Vicious energy body and religions 

The most important problem about channeling 

On parade series of mysterious rocks and buildings

No 1〜100(English)

No 101〜200(English)

No 201〜300(English)

No 301〜400(English)

No 401〜500(English)

No 501〜600(English)

No 601〜700(English)

No 701〜800(English )

No 801〜900(English )

No 901〜1000( English)

No 1001〜1100( English/日本語)

Chapter 1001
The vision which shows how humans were born, The human birth in the stone circle
Chapter 1002
The stone stage(Ishibutai) in Nara Prefecture, Japan might show Stone humans were made in the stone chambers 
Chapter 1003
The book of the information given by the atoms in the sky and universe can be downloaded. 
Chapter 1004
Various Stone humans
Chapter 1005
The hidden reasons of the rituals which are done by the consecraters and the priests who exorcise evil spirits
Chapter 1006
Bad Message given to me  
Chapter 1007
The place where the head of Muura, the son of Noah, was buried
Chapter 1008
Why do terror attack incidents take place?
Chapter 1009
The water which came to the earth from Mars at the time of 'the Giant Deluge of Noah' begins to return to Mars recently.
Chapter 1010
The water on Mars and the lake which ran dry overnight
Chapter 1011
The bottom of the lake fell through in an instant and big trees are inhaled into the lake.
Chapter 1012
Five myths about Emperor Hirohito reported by Time
Chapter 1013
About Emperor's War Responsibility
Chapter 1014
The responsibility of the emperor, The blast incident of Mansyu railway track?
Chapter 1015
War Responsibility of the emperor
Chapter 1016
The meaning of the special funeral service for Emperor's family called "Renso"
Chapter 1017
(Postscript)star of hawk | character | quill pen | The meaning of abnormal clouds
Chapter 1018
Emperor's family, house lizard, reptile, Kim Jong-nam, Gigantic energy body of Dragon
Chapter 1019
(Postscript)The earthquake in the capital?, The warning to the politician, Minanoko(orphans, small groups of atoms),
Chapter 1020
From Emperor Meiji(Toranosuke Ohomuro)
Chapter 1021
Chapter 1022
Stone humans took care of humans, the meaning of stratosphere, Stone humans=giants,How the spine was made?
Chapter 1023
How was the spine made?
Chapter 1024
Prayers don't help heart surgery patients(Some fare worse when prayed for)
Chapter 1025
The reply of Ms Taeko Shiraki to the Anonymous Coward in US
Chapter 1026
The clouds over Sanda-city, Hyogo Prefecture
Chapter 1027
Postscript on March 15, My experience, The earthquake which brings about the 50 m cliff, Farr which is the alter ego of the Princess of Sirius.
Chapter 1028
About the earthquake information
Chapter 1029
The message from the stars 
Chapter 1030
Dhonohara Mounds of Mukibanda in Tottori Prefecture
Chapter 1031
The statue of Lenin who shows the getting into a pose.
Chapter 1032
The things with consciousness, The watershed of the Yura River
Chapter 1033
Mt. Gozaisyodake
Chapter 1034
Flame earthenware vessels in Nagaoka-city, Niigata Prefecture  
Chapter 1035
The ground spiders 
Chapter 1036
The ultraviolet and the algae, copper, stromatolite 
Chapter 1037
Chapter 1038
Chapter 1039
Chapter 1040

Animation of Abu Simbel and movie music of Ten Commandments

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