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Human beings  ysupplement August 9, 2012 z@b@Ancient murals in Egypt on parade @

By Sennari

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Human beings    ysupplement August 9, 2012 z

"Stone humans and semi-Stone humans were made in the stone chambers and stone boxes.

The atoms which remembered the shape of them rejoined as a human being only in the Stone Circle."
The subconscious mind of atoms of Stone gods who came down from Sagittarius and ones of other stars were incorporated into the gene made of atoms.
Atoms with the subconscious has become every kind of living creature on the earth.
Humans are the masterpiece of them.
Humans were created in an attempt to make a creature that can understood the presence of Stone gods and Stone humans.
At first the atoms of Stone gods formed the human form@(Stone men=stone statues in later age) under the cooperation of Sirius.
Humans who eat food and get the energy to live were made by the wisdom of many stars.
Bird seat especially devised the internal organs of human.
The atoms which formed stone statues were decomposed and gene which stored the shape of it and gene which were taught the behavior of humans coalesced and humans of today were created.
A part of Stone gods turned into the stone circles.
Stone humans were made in the stone chambers or stone boxes.
Those Stone humans decomposed by the instruction of Stone gods.
Some of the atoms which had decomposed wanted to be humans.
Those atoms which wanted to be humans rejoined in the stone circles and humans were created.
As human beings were made by the atoms of Stone gods, the theory of evolution is applied.
Moreover humans were made by instruction of Sagittarius, Sirius and bird seat.
So the theory of the creationism can be applied, too.
The long and short of it humans were made by both the theory of evolution and the theory of creationism.@
In the very early time the mixed race of Stone humans and humans were born.
Therefore animal-humans were depicted on the mural of Egypt and represented by the stone statues in Iraq.

Ancient murals in Egypt on parade

Only the descendants with human-only genes have also increased.

Angels actually existed.
Incidentally angels actually existed.
They were made by the wisdom of stars of Aquila.
Those angels were made in the stone chambers in high places.

Mural of angels

The reason why Angels of Annunciation looks as if they were alive, is that atoms of Stone humans decomposed and entered into the picture as paint.
Murals of Egypt were also completed by Stone humans ' entering the wall.
According to this info, Stone gods came down to the earth with humans in their bellies, which means atoms of Stone gods turned into humans.
Stone gods came down to the earth as if they had been like jellyfish.
They changed from Stone gods to alter egos, giants, Stone humans and humans.
Therefore the explanation Stone humans came down to the earth with humans in their bellies is right.
Moreover the explanation Stone humans changed to humans is right, too.

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