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2012/9/11《 Japanese archipelago gets up》


When I saw this Crop Circle, my tongue moved and said "Japanese archipelago gets up."


Dolmen? It is near the rockwork of megalithic.
My tongue doesn't move, but this Crop Circle looks like the screen and seems to be protecting Dolmen.

2012/8/27【 a little bad Minanoko(small groups of atoms) which are in the underground


There are passages like these in the underground of the earth.
They are contacting one another.
It is shown by the earthquakes.

26-AUG-2012 15:05:35 M6.4 depth69.7 NORTHERN MOLUCCA SEA
27-AUG-2012 04:37:23 M7.4 depth52.9 OFF COAST OF CENTRAL AMERICA

Big earthquakes happened in the short peorid which is shown by the above number.

2012/8/24《 The work by Minanoko(small groups of atoms)》


Minanokos(small groups of atoms)hold hands neatly and do the work on the earth seems to be shown by this Crop Circle.
The square seems to show they are under the guidance of Sirius.

2012/8/21《Inside the earth?》


It is made beside the mound of Stone god.
It looks like the image of below site

My mouth moves and says "The inside of the earth is like this."
Northern Hemisphere seems to be shown by the complex pattern?

"It showed Stone gods in the earth.
They have ears and can hear the words but can't see as they have no eyes."
The part with hairs show Northern Hemisphere and it means it has a lot of spring water.
When the head is moved a little, north pole moves by which abnormal weather occurs."

The unusual sign which means temporomandibular joint is shown.
There are snail tubes (which represent the Ohmoto(the central))near it.  
The long crossbar seems to show snail tube work great, because it gets long when whirlpool is stretched

2012/8/16《 Minanoko(small groups of atoms) held hands


"Minanoko(small groups of atoms) held hands," said my mouth.
The king of Minanoko(small groups of atoms) was found to be the king of the sun in the world of consciousness.
Big Dipper put an end to the relationship with the Ruler's Stars.
Moreover Minanomoko(middle size groups of atoms) of Sirius  and Minanomoko(middle size groups of atoms) of Sagittarius are found married.
Those seem to show they are going to do a big work.
This one was made near the archaeological site.
The small circle near the big one shows it is a no-name star, which has been told from the initial and it means it is observing us.
The cirlce away means the sun.

2012/8/10《 Millennium is about to start? 》


The whirlpool represents the Ohmoto(the central of the universe)and it looked anxiously at first.
"As the Ohmoto(the central) have had various experiences, the new dimension is going to start? is shown by the Crop Circle.
It means the millennium is about to start." 

The channeling informed me the other day that the millennium has started.
Many unimaginable events have been taking place recently.

2012/8/5《 The dark grandparent of the Ohmoto(the central)and concubine


This one turned up in Washington and is explained as it means the termination of the world----.but ----

"Three thin crescent moon show the dark grandparents and the concubine of the Ohmoto(the central)who have big meaning in the world of consciousness and those three coddled up four star Orion. (Now three star Orion)
Selfish Orion and its sons who are also selfish are doing evil deeds in the unseen world is shown by this Crop Circle.
Its sons are Snake charmer seat and SiriusBC which did evil deeds most directlly by dominating the earth.

The above part of crescent moons are Hoshinomina(alter ego of the Ohmoto) and the parents of the Ohmoto(the central).
Though they have big meaning in the unseen world, they seem not to be shown clearly in the shape even though small angels sometimes enter into them.
The wheat of the big circle are all fallen.
The middle sized one shows the Ohmoto(the central) and Hoshinomina(alter ego of the Ohmoto).
The things which follow behind them seems to be various stars (The solar system).

Many things have been unknown but it is related to the whirlpool pattern which returned to the Ohmoto(the central) shown by the Crop Circle made the other day.
Therefore it seems not to be showing the termination of the earth.

Those who want to cause wars eagerly for money are dominated from the unseen world.
Therefore its Crop Circle firmly inform those who caused wars have to go to the dark world when they go to the world of consciousness after death.

2012/8/5《Large and small fish?》


"Good Minanoko(small groups of atoms)lined.
They turned into large and small fish beside the Ohmoto(the central)"

It is the same with the lap bank grave of archaeological sites in Japan and it is situated near the thing called "mound".
The stone cirlce is seen in it.

2012/8/3《Did it return to the Ohmoto(the central)in the universe?》


The voice come out from my mouth, "It returned to the Ohmoto(the central)in the universe."

The whirlpool consistently represents the beginning of the universe and the Ohmoto(the central)in the universe.

Archaeological sites?(small grove)is situated near it.

Though important informations from the SKY (SORA)can hardly be summarized, I feel everything goes ahead steadily and be settled completely.

2012/8/3《 The counterattack of Stone gods in the underground 》


When I see the newest one "The counterattack of Stone gods in underground," was uttered from my mouth.
The counterattack seems to be given to many people who never admit the SKY (SORA) information.
Pointed triangles mean counterattack.
Though there are white parts, brown parts represent a little bad beings.

2012/8/1《 The awakening of Minanokos(small groups of atoms)?


"The awakening of Minanokos(small groups of atoms)?," says my mouth.
I can't tell the meaning of the fine patterns.
Small circles represent Minanokos(small groups of atoms which form unnamed stars) form the Ohmoto(the central)of the universe.
Minanoko(small groups of atoms)is related to the way which the earth is going to advance from now on.

2012/8/1《The moon and Southern Cross ?》


Though the meaning is unknown, my mouth says, "The moon and Southern Cross."
It is the being which gives the power to Saudi Arabia and they self-destructed by stabbing each other?
The circle and the crescent moon in the center represent the moon and the sun.
The giant Stone man of Egypt that is composed of Minanomono(big groups of atoms) seems to have been born again as a member of royal family.

The SKY (SORA) told me previously that Saudi Arabia is the opposite of the SKY (SORA).  
Some of royal family monopolize the wealth and they seek stricter Islam in order to maintain the situation.
They control his country in the shade by taking advantage of the differences of the religious factions in order to make them fight one another.
The SKY (SORA) has told me from previous days that they have trained terrorists.



The SKY (SORA)tells this Crop Circle represents spine and the circle represents pelvis.
Elongated white rectangle which means Sirius turned up in the ceiling several times recently and informed me that the spine was devised by Minanoko(small groups of atoms)of Sirius.
The spine is drawn at the center of the mummy of the below image.

2012/7/2( Minanoko(small groups of atoms) held hands )


Minanoko(small groups of atoms) united was shown by six petals.
The number six means it acknowledges the consciousness.
This Crop Circle was also made near archaeological site which had been made by the alter ego of Stone gods.

It shows Stone gods and Crop Circle is related with each other.

2012/6/28(Minanoko(small groups of atoms)which admire the Ohmoto(the central))

This is also made in Italy .

"Minanoko(small groups of atoms)lined to form whirlpoor and admire the Ohmoto(the central) ," said my mouth.

The circle in the center means the Ohmoto(the central).
The small circle just below the big one means the king of Minanoko(small groups of atoms).

The lined circles got bigger toward the end which means the bad guys like mafia in Italy.
It was informed by the song of the Godfather which turned up in my mind.

2012/5/24〈Castel Sant'Angelo)


Th whirlpool represents the ammonite which means the beginning of the universe.
I heard through channeling this Crop Circle mimics the spiral passage of Castel Sant'Angelo which I visited the other day.
It represents the inside of the earth.
2012/5/14(Italian island of Sardinia)


The meaning of this Crop Circle is very easy to understand.
It informs the movement of North Pole gets greater.
When I visited France by air, I looked down from the sky in order to find if Crop Circle had been made.
Stone gods in Italy seem to be making effort to create Crop Circles.
Crop Circle was made in Sicily the other day. ↓
Sardinia is the Italian island where there are lots of archaeological sites which I want to visit some day.
It is the image of the archaeological sites in Italian island of Sardinia which I was introduced.
Does the shape of this side represent uterus and does the arch represent pubis?
It is the archaeological sites which interests me.
(You can find it around the center of the small images shown in the lowest position of the picture. )

2012/5/9 The Crop Circle in Sicily


When I was flying over France the other day, I could find the beautiful field mustard and the wheat.
I was talking with other people ,"I can't find Crop Circle."
However I could find one in Sicily.
I saw the vision of many lined 'く' in Rome.
My mouth said those 'く' represent Minanoko(small groups of atoms).

When I see it carefully, it shows the star shape of the terrifying Pleiades.
However the center is pierced ,which seems to mean  Pleiades was knocked down .

There is a hole in this Crop Circle too.

Though Pleiades was knocked down in 1998, its subordinates were strong.

Talking of piercing, the figures in Mayan Ruins which were discovered recently have the hole in the center of the breast.
The SKY (SORA) must have known this Mayan Ruins would be discovered in the future.
The annihilation theory of the earth was denied by the oldest Mayan calendar




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